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You need to be sure your damage repair project is done properly from the start. Frontier Services Group's water removal and mold restoration services include full reconstruction, so your home is restored to the condition it was in prior to the damage. It's crucial to address the problem immediately without letting the damage sit, which is why our services are available at every hour of every day.

Contact our experts today to schedule a free consultation. We're always available 24/7 for emergency water removal at the moment you need it. Call us at 281-407-9721.
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Water Damage
That is why we are here: Our water damage removal specialists are fully equipped with the tools and advanced knowledge to take care of the situation in a quick and simple manner. With the use of special vacuums and submersible equipment, we are able to effectively remove not only the standing water but also any hidden water that may damage your home or business.
Fire & Smoke Damage
Our team of service technicians possess the knowledge and experience to treat a fire like the emergency that it is. With our 24/7 availability, we are committed to immediately action upon our arrival at the scene, implementing the steps in our fire restoration process in the order best suited to the scale of the damage. Furthermore, we are compassionate individuals who will work tirelessly to help minimize your emotional distress.
Leak Detection
Our dedicated team is fully equipped with moisture and infrared equipment to perform meticulous tests of walls, flooring, and plumbing systems to determine the source of the leak. With our immediate response and proven solutions, you are guaranteed to avoid leak damage in the long term. Our leak detection fees pale in comparison to the costs of the damage that could result from a leak that remains untreated.
"We had complete peace of mind as we saw how well these guys Worked. Keep up the great work guys!"
~ Kevin T. ~
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